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Daniel Merlot


Daniel Merlot is a video director, music producer, and creative director currently based in Los Angeles and Tokyo. With an unwavering dedication to his craft, he consistently engages in a diverse range of cutting-edge entertainment projects.

Established as a music producer, Daniel has achieved remarkable success, boasting an impressive repertoire of chart-topping hits in Japan. He has also collaborated with prominent K-pop girl groups and has been instrumental in nurturing the careers of esteemed artists in China. Moreover, his  musical compositions have graced numerous Hollywood productions, including Anthony Bourdain's critically acclaimed series "Parts Unknown," the Marvel Comics film "Blade Trinity," and  fashion videos for Conde Naste's Vogue.

With an ardent pursuit of artistic evolution, Daniel has seamlessly transitioned from directing music videos to venturing into the realm of filmmaking. His masterful creation, the award-winning sci-fi fantasy short film "House of the Unholy,"(2023) stands as a testament to his unmatched talent and creativity. Daniel's unrelenting passion for harmonizing visuals, sound, and fashion ignites his unyielding drive to craft groundbreaking, genre-bending entertainment experiences that captivate audiences worldwide.


Daniel Merlot is an accomplished  musician, songwriter, producer, and live performance director based in Los Angeles. With a strong presence in both the United States and Asia, Daniel has established himself as a sought-after producer, collaborating with renowned artists across multiple genres.

Daniel's journey began in San Francisco, where he organized a series of successful trip hop and dance music events during the late 90s. These events featured top DJs, performance artists, and live music projects, showcasing Daniel's diverse talents.

Having relocated to Los Angeles, Daniel gained recognition for his dance music releases under the name Crash Berlin. He collaborated with acclaimed artists such as DJ Bassnectar, drum & bass legends Aquasky, and hip-hop icon Kool Keith. His work also included releases on Virgin Records alongside Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction/Lollapalooza fame and reggae dub legend Mad Professor.

Daniel's talent as a live performer and DJ led him to tour extensively throughout the United States, including performances at major music festivals like Lollapalooza, Burning Man, Coachella, and Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Additionally, he curated and produced stages at these events, further showcasing his expertise in creating captivating live experiences.

Notably, Daniel worked as a live music director for Red One, Lady Gaga's producer, at Universal Music record label. He toured across the United States w/ Porcelain Black, opening for renowned artists such as Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, and Drake. His performances extended to prestigious platforms like the David Letterman show, Apple Music events, and numerous other shows throughout the country.

Daniel has also produced music for various Hollywood films and TV shows, including collaborations with MTV, Volkswagen, Anthony Bourdain, ABC TV Networks, and Modern Family. One of his most significant achievements was scoring music for the worldwide hit film "Blade Trinity," starring Wesley Snipes and Jessica Biel, collaborating with rap legend Kool Keith. The soundtrack, curated by RZA and members of the Wu-Tang Clan for New Line Cinema, featured Daniel's work.

In the Asian music scene, Daniel has produced chart-topping hits for renowned artists. Over the past 10 years, he has been the driving force behind China's #1 singer Shang Wenjie  尚雯婕 , and he has also produced for esteemed Korean girl group SPICA. Daniel's work gained substantial recognition when he released an English version of SPICA's single in the United States, earning major press coverage, TV appearances, and live concert shows alongside G Dragon and Girls Generation. Moreover, his production credits extend to major Japanese pop acts Morning Musume,℃-ute securing him three #1 hit songs on the Oricon charts. He has also played sold-out tours in Japan and festivals in Taiwan.

Daniel served as the music director for the Tokyo Girls Collection fashion festival expansion into China. His contributions led to successful shows in Beijing (Cadillac Center) and Shanghai (Mercedes Benz Arena), attracting audiences of over 10,000 attendees for each event. Additionally, Daniel launched dance festivals in China and fostered partnerships for Ultra Music China.

Daniel continues to create music at his Hollywood studio, working on various international projects.


Founder and Creator of SUPER MASSIVE GLOBAL

Super Massive Global Founder and Visionary Daniel Merlot launched this WEB3 company in 2018 and officially established it in Japan in 2020.Daniel appointed Makoto Naito as CEO, then came  professionals in various fields such as Hideki Shibata, one of the core engineers who developed the virtual currency Ripple, and CEO of fintech company serve as board members. As external advisors, we have Norio Murakami, former Vice President of Google USA Headquarters and Honorary Chairman of the Japanese branch, as well as engineers from a US company that developed the location information for Pokemon Go, handling app development. In the engineering team, we have formed a team of specialists from Japan and overseas to lead the business to success, including Vince Argentine, CTO Advisor and owner of ROUGE MOCAP, one of the largest motion capture studio on the US West Coast. True to the company name, Super Massive Global, it aims to cross all boundaries, spark innovation, and bring about significant changes in the world through virtual spaces and blockchain. 
Super Massive Global has currently completed raising a total of 750 million yen in a pre-series A round from individual investors.

Daniel is the original creator of the Massive World mobile app platform.

Daniel Merlot
Daniel Merlot
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